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114621 NS Bikes  NS Analog M 2013 2013

NS Analog M 2013


5 995,-
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Fixed Gear Commuting and Freestyle

The Analog is a a fixed gear freestyle bike that´s very strong, light, and despite being designed primarily for tricks, it´s a great bike for commuting. It uses the same tubes as our dirt jumping frames and has the same attention to detail and the same focused design as all our dirt products.The Analog frames will fit tires up to 700x45C and will be barspinable with this size. The geometry is different than that found in traditional track bikes - the length of the top tube will be longer in the corresponding size, and we suggest using shorter stems (40-50mm) to achieve the correct riding position.
For 2013, the Analog gets some great upgrades. The traditional fixie hub is replaced by a much tougher unit, the frame has more tire clearance and the amazing Resist Nomad tires make good use of that.

- available in 3 frame sizes
- frame geometry with low stand over, sloping top tube, short chain stays, high bb
- frame with integrated seatpost clamp & clearance for up to 700x45c tires
- fork with 410mm axle to crown (barspinable)
- NS bikes cockpit including: Quark stem, Mint handlebar & Sam Pilgrim grips
- strong high profile rims
- Odyssey Twisted PC pedals / with freestyle straps
- Octane One saddle